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The City of Whitesboro Council recognizes the importance of providing adequate infrastructure, quality levels of service and maintaining the existing presence of overall quality performance.  They set the standard by providing these services while maintaining an economic stimulating tax rate.  The tax rate is ranked amount the lowest in the area and our sales tax is comparable to the majority of Texas Cities.

Current Tax Rate(s)

Ad Valorem Tax Rate:   

City of Whitesboro                 0.200000
Grayson County                     0.490900
WISD                                   1.400390 /$100
Grayson County Junior College 0.183715

Total Ad Valorem Tax Rate:    2.471984


Sales and Use Tax Rate:  8.25%

City tax:            2.0%
State tax:          6.25%

This tax rate applies if you purchased and took possession of a taxable item or service in City of Whitesboro.  Different rules apply if the item was shipped or if the service was performed outside the City of Whitesboro.  State law limits the collection of local sales and use tax to no more than 2% for a maximum total rate of 8.25%.

To obtain a form for filing or questions about collections etc… visit the website at  

Whitesboro is in Sherman-Denison MSA

More Information on Texas Economy visit:


Hotel / Motel Occupancy Tax 

Economic Development Tax

Type A Sales Tax (primarily used for Industrial Development):  ¼%

Type B Sales Tax (primarily used for Economic & Community Development:  ½%

MSA Sales Report

The Sales and use tax MSA report shows a precent change of (12.1%) during the 2nd quarter of 2009 compared to the same period in 2008. Whitesboro reports an (11%) decrease in sales tax revenues FY2009 reporting in the 3rd quarter. The MSA outlets for 2nd quarter 2009 is 2854 compared to 3060 in 2008.