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Whitesboro Economic Development Corp

The Type B (formerly 4B) Whitesboro Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO) passed by the voters of Whitesboro in 1998 for the purpose of sales tax for Economic Development. 

WIDCO-WEDCO Board of Directors
Front row, from left are WIDCO members, Matthew Pike, president;  Candy Chapman, vice president; John Bratcher and Eric Keller. Not shown is Keith Muldrew. In back row, from left, are Colby Meals, ex officio and city council member; and WEDCO members Mike Haynie, president, Craig Falco, vice president; Jerry Warren Chris Goedecke and Lynda Anderson, Whitesboro economic director and secretary for both WIDCO and WEDCO. Not shown are Chris Dobbs, Jim Keller, and Ryan Harper.

The Whitesboro Economic Development Corporation, a nonprofit Corporation, is a sales tax commission under the Development Corporation Act of 1979, as amended and shall be governed by Section 4B of said Act and specifically Article 5190.6, Section 4B, Revised Civil Statutes of the State of Texas, as now existing or as may be amended. 

WEDCO Type B Meetings are posted under NOTICES in the Business Opportunities area and are normally held on the First Wednesday of each month at 9:00 AM unless posted otherwise.

The WEDCO has an operating Board of Directors which consists of seven (7) Directors, two (2) City Council representative, a representative from the Whitesboro Independent School District, a representative from the Whitesboro Area Chamber of Commerce and a Chief Administrative Officer.   Following is a list of those current members:

Board of Directors
President:  Mike Haynie
Vice President:  Craig Falco
Secretary/Treasurer:  Lynda Anderson

Chris Dobbs
Dale Alsup (October 3, 2018)
Jerry Warren
Keith Muldrew
Chris Goedecke

Ex-Officio Members
Michael Marter
Ryan Harper

Council Representative
Jim Keller
Colby Meals

Economic Development Director

Lynda Anderson
Contact us at:  edc@WhitesboroTexas.com
(903)564-3311 office
P.O. Box 340, 111 W. Main, Whitesboro, Texas  76273

Type B Sales Tax proceeds are less limited by the State of Texas on expenditures than the Type A, however the proceeds are to be used for the creation of new and or expanded business enterprises.  The Type B Sales Tax proceeds may be spent on land, buildings, equipment, facilities and improvements for items that fit under the definition of “project” under Section 2(11)(A) of the Act.